Presenting... New Game+ Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… the holy grail of gaming magazines in South Africa.



New Game+ is set to become the quintessential “Bible” of all things gaming, collectables, comics, e-sports, movies and anything relating to the “Geek Lifestyle”. In addition, its distinctive design and writing style is something completely different and not yet seen in South Africa.

What is New Game+

NEW GAME+ will be the only magazine on the market in South Africa catering to casual gamers, e-sport gamers (console, PC, online and Android), and will also cater for what is known as the “Geek Lifestyle”, as aside from gaming, our editorial will also focus on technology, hardware and software, comics, collectables, movies, applications, cosplay, and the general lifestyle interests of the gamer.

New Game+ magazine will be distributed by On the Dot, a division of Media 24, to outlets such as Checkers, Spar, Exclusive Books, CNA, and Pick n Pay.


According to gaming intelligence company Super Data, the estimated market size for e-sports this year will reach about R12.7 billion worldwide.

The worldwide audience for gaming and e-sports is the fastest growing market in the world by revenue as well as audience.

During the past three years, e-sports has grown 200% to 300% in South Africa. In the next three years, it is set to grow by more than 40% globally, but the South African market will grow even faster and we will see triple-digit growth.


South Africa’s local gaming scene generated R2.2 billion in 2012, and PricewaterhouseCoopers reckons that by the middle of 2017, gaming in South Africa will be worth over R3.3 billion. The market is divided into various sectors that all contribute to this final figure: console gaming, PC gaming, online gaming, mobile gaming, games advertising and related products and services.

Console gaming is the biggest market in South Africa, with mobile gaming coming in at a close second. PC gaming is in third place and projections show that by 2017, the PC gaming market will contribute about 11% to South Africa’s total gaming scene.

Analysts have attributed the sharp growth of this industry to the widespread penetration of internet connectivity and new technology in the South African population, especially amongst younger consumers.


Why is advertising in NEW GAME+ a smart choice for any business – gaming and technology related or not?


NEW GAME+ is the only printed and digital magazine in South Africa focusing on the growing gaming, technology and “Geek Lifestyle” market.


Aside from the magazine, NEW GAME+ will include a highly interactive Facebook page, newsletter, social media presence and website.


NEW GAME+ facilitates direct advertising exposure to consumers spending money on games, technology, hardware, software, comics, apparel, collectables, cell phones, applications and lifestyle-related products, services and brands.


By advertising with us, direct contact is made with your target demographic. Thus, brand recognition and loyalty is strengthened with current customers and vital exposure to other potential customers is gained.


Your business and products receive a potent combination of print, digital and social media exposure from NEW GAME+.


We offer reasonable advertising rates, exciting sponsorship opportunities and marketing opportunities to give advertisers more exposure through the magazine, Facebook page, newsletter and website.

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NEW GAME+ is published monthly with eleven issues per year. To begin with, 10,000 copies will be distributed nationwide through major retailers such as Pick n Pay, Spar, Woolworths, Checkers, CNA, Game, Makro and Exclusive Books, as well as selected gaming and industry-related stores, gaming-related events and subscriptions – both print and digital.

Further distribution of unsold copies is enabled via O&J media to various waiting rooms as well as at events.


Total readership per copy – 30,000.


LSM 7-10 (personal or family income above R8,000.00).


A niche market of people interested in gaming, movies, technology, cosplay, anime, collectables, apparel, related lifestyle brands, services and products.


Readership – 70% male, 30% female.


Bulk of readers aged between 17 and 35.


Retail price – R39.90.


Subscribe now and pay only R351.12 for eleven issues. Your magazine will be delivered straight to your door and you will be automatically entered into all our competitions and giveaways.

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